What you have to keep in mind when renting SUPs and kayaks from our vending machines

Your mobile phone is the key to your locker, always keep it outside the locker. You can take it with you on the water in the waterproof bag and reach us by phone.

SUP/kajak rental in just 1 minute

No app and registration needed!

  • Scan the QR-code
  • Book online
  • Choose date
  • Paddle off

You can book your SUP (Stand-Up-Paddle board) or kayak on our website heiuki.com. We have solved the takeover and return in a separate online application.

Check weather, temperatures, your clothes and the planned route. Paddle carefully, keep an eye on your surroundings and the weather. If in doubt, stay on land and postpone your experience.

Safety comes before adventure. In windy conditions, it is best to stay in the wind-protected area or start your tour against the wind and, at best, the current. Evaluate your strength and abilities correctly.

The right-hand rule applies, cross the water on a short way. Commercial shipping and wind-driven vehicles have the right of way. Always cross behind other water vessels. Be especially attentive at harbors and docks for passenger ships. Respect other water sports enthusiasts and do not insist on your right of way.

Adapt your clothing to the water temperature. Make sure you have enough warm clothing, up to 15°C water temperature we recommend drysuits or neoprene clothing. Protect yourself from the sun, if necessary organize a buoyancy aid or life jacket.

Find out where you are allowed to paddle and which areas may be closed temporarily and spatially, for example, to protect nature and the environment. Keep the ecological footprint low by contributing with your behavior on and next to the water. Stay at least 25m away from water plants such as reeds, rushes and water lilies. Take care to avoid litter and dispose of it in designated receptacles on site or at your home. Garbage floating in the water or near the shore is looking forward to your attention and wants to be taken away.

You can put the board down with the fin to the ground, but do not stand on it in this position. Before entering the water, put the leash (safety line) around your ankle. This way you won’t lose the board in wind & waves.

Adjust the paddle to your height by opening the lock and extending the paddle until your arm is only slightly bent over your head (about 20cm).

When putting the SUP into the water, make sure that the fin is completely in the water and does not touch the ground.

When docking and undocking at jetties and shore areas, always paddle while kneeling and do not stand up until the water is deep enough or you are a sufficient distance from the jetty. When kneeling, your body’s center of gravity is as close to the water’s surface as possible, in this position you have the greatest resistance to tipping over.

To stand up, place both feet with the heels about shoulder width on the board at the height of the carrying handle and slowly stand up. You need about 15 minutes to get used to the board and the posture.

To move forward, insert the paddle as far as possible with the bevel facing forward. Bring the paddle stroke up to your hips.

Paddle on the right side to move to the left and vice versa, leading the stroke far out will increase the effect.

Take waves with the board tip first, this will give you the best stability. Once you’ve fallen in, it’s best to crawl forward from the tail to the carry handle, then you can continue.

Be a true SUP buddy and take the rules to heart. Communicate and clarify if your SUP area is being treated inappropriately.

Feel free to contact us with suggestions for improvement. We look forward to developing our concept further with your support.

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