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Let's hit the water!
Relaxation and rest from morning to night.

When we paddle a kayak or stand-up paddle board, we discover completely new perspectives. Whether alone in complete tranquility or with friends and family, it’s always a special time. In the early morning hours and at the breathtaking sunset, we often have the water all to ourselves. On calm days, we are the first to create small ripples on the lake. The waves reflect our mood as we glide across the lake with perfect serenity. Everyday life is forgotten after the first few minutes, and we simply enjoy the moment.


It is no wonder that water is considered the source of life. It gives us energy, makes us reflect and reflects us on the essentials. We take this radiance and serenity with us and not only do something good for our soul, but also train our deep muscles from head to toe with gentle activity. Especially in stand-up paddling we stand upright and balance our body’s center of gravity holistically with the paddle board. In doing so, we unconsciously use every muscle in our body, and we can easily feel that the next day from a pleasant sore muscle. It reminds us that we have done something good for ourselves.


An Automat? Sounds interesting!


In the Heiuki SUP and kayak vending machine, we do not see competition with traditional paddling schools with personal attention. Instead, the offer is aimed at us who want to get out on the water outside of the usual daytime hours. The self-sufficient vending machines, especially in small version, make it possible to experience paddling areas where conventional rental companies cannot offer service. Self-sufficient means that the vending machines are powered by the sun. There is no need to interfere with nature – we simply park and can use the service.


The experience


You will simply love the uncomplicated handling! From home you check the weather, pack the right clothes and rent the paddle equipment. On the spot, take five minutes to refresh your knowledge of the rules on and around the water. At our vending machine you will find an information board with helpful hints about navigation rules, weather and environment. With your cell phone you can open your personal lockers on the spot, where your equipment is stored. You can safely store your clothes in the locker during the rental period and take your valuables with you on the water in the enclosed waterproof bag. And you are ready to go! If you have any problems while paddling, you can easily reach the customer support by phone.  

After only 15 minutes you will feel safe and stable and will be able to enjoy your time to the fullest. During a break you will recharge your batteries and the company of ducks will make you especially happy. Through the perspective from the water, you will discover things that were previously hidden from you from the land. It’s amazing how close the feeling of space can bring us!

At the end of the rental period, you return to the vending machine. You have 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to return your clothes. You take your clothes out of the locker and put the equipment back neatly. Slowly you return to your everyday life full of energy and joy and are already looking forward to the next opportunity, perhaps at another location.




Our Heiuki SUP and kayak vending machines are usually easily accessible by bike. On our website you can find directions to the selected location in the location map.

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