Frequently asked questions and answers about booking & rental

Variant 1)
You will receive a confirmation email including a link to open a few seconds after booking to the specified email address. Click on the link and start the rental process.
Variant 2)
Click on “open tray” in the menu and add your booking number in the field. After entering you can start the rental process.

Our system cannot rebook independently – this will be possible in the future. That means you are bound to your chosen time slot. In case of overrunning, the next tenant could already open the station. Should you still have overlooked the time, contact our support hotline, which is displayed in the booking process.

The booking system is up to date on a daily basis, you can research the availabilities faster on your own than it would be to write us.

Absolutely, if you have any problems or delays, you can always reach us by phone. Besides that, the phone is your key to your locker.

You can only contact us by phone in case of problems within the scope of an active booking. Unfortunately, we cannot provide comprehensive telephone support. We always keep an eye on our inbox, feel free to write us via our contact form. PS: Please do not forget the most important information about your request.

You can book for more than one person at the same time, note that you have access to the lockers and that you are our contractor.

If there is a technical problem, we can usually fix it remotely, but if we can’t, you will get your money back and the next ride will be on us. If the material is damaged and does not allow a ride, we will certainly have a replacement for you.

In case of bad weather you do not have to pick up on your booking. Just contact us, we will create an appropriate value voucher and see you again when the weather is suitable.

You can conveniently pay with the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Klarna
  • Paypal
  • giropay

You will have 15min each for preparation and follow-up of your experience.

The process is very simple, you book a SUP or kayak for you and your paddling friends. You will then receive an email with a booking link, which will take you directly to the process of handing over the equipment. In the menu item OPEN TRAY you can also enter your booking number and transfer your booking to any equipment. If you have any questions, please send us a short message via our contact form.

Our tip: Water sports carefree and without time pressure is more fun! Rather book a little longer to have enough time for the return.