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Pure nature in Rostock Papendorf – just five minutes away from Rostock city center by S-Bahn, you’ll find the HEIUKI SUP & KAYAK vending machine on the beautiful Warnow river. Our collaboration with the Rostock DoYours team allows you to experience this idyllic paddling area. In addition to our paddle vending machines, offers a comprehensive SUP & training program as well as SUP beginner courses, yoga, and event offerings. The motivated team will be happy to provide you with information!

Paddling Tip 1: Duration: 1.5 hours. Distance: 3-4 km.

Start paddling downstream towards the railway bridge (1.5 km), shortly after, you’ll encounter a wonderful wooded area. Keep an eye out for the terrapin.

Paddling Tip 2: Duration: 2 – 3 hours. Distance: 8 km.

Paddle upstream through fields and meadows into the Lower Warnowland. After 3.5 km, you’ll reach the angler colony Pölchow surrounded by wooded areas. You are now in the midst of the Warnowland nature reserve. Turn around under your own power; the return downstream will be a bit easier.





Station Guide

Warnowkihr 3, 18059 Papendorf

Having a picnic on-site is a great idea

Parking spaces are located in front of the football fields

Open daily during daylight hours from May to October


Welcome to the Stand up Paddle and Kayak Rental Rostock Papendorf, your ultimate destination for water sports adventures in the idyllic surroundings of Rostock, right on the banks of the Warnow river. Our location in Papendorf not only provides the perfect starting point for your water explorations but also offers the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable paddling experience. Whether you prefer stand-up paddling or kayaking, our offerings in the heart of Rostock on the picturesque Warnow river are waiting to be discovered by you.

Stand up Paddle Rental Rostock Papendorf

The Stand up Paddle Rental Rostock Papendorf offers you the unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Warnow from an entirely new perspective. With a wide selection of high-quality SUP boards suitable for all skill levels, you can explore the peaceful waters of the Warnow and enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery surrounding Rostock. Discover hidden corners and enjoy the tranquility on the water as you paddle through the picturesque landscapes.

Stand Up Paddle Rental Rostock

Rostock, a city known for its maritime history and connection to nature, offers ideal conditions for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Our Stand Up Paddle Rental Rostock allows you to experience the dynamic city and its surroundings from the water. Paddle along the banks of the Warnow and discover Rostock’s parks, historical sights, and vibrant culture from a completely new perspective.

Warnow Stand up Paddle Rental

The Warnow, the heart of the Rostock region, offers perfect conditions for stand-up paddling. With our stand-up paddle rental on the Warnow, you can immerse yourself in the clear waters of the river and enjoy the picturesque riverbank landscapes and tranquil nature. The river provides ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced paddlers to discover the joys of SUP while exploring the scenic surroundings.

Kayak Rental Rostock Papendorf

In addition to stand-up paddling, we also offer kayaking as a way to explore Rostock’s waterways. Our Kayak Rental Rostock Papendorf provides you with stable and secure kayaks to explore the Warnow and its tributaries. Whether alone or in a group, kayaking offers a great way to experience the beauty of the Warnow and the surrounding nature.

Kayak Rental Rostock

Rostock, with its many rivers and lakes, is an ideal destination for kayakers. Our Kayak Rental Rostock allows you to experience the city from a different perspective. Discover the numerous sights along the banks of the Warnow, paddle through the historic waterways, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Rostock from the water.

Warnow Kayak Rental

The Warnow offers ideal conditions for kayakers of all skill levels. With our kayak rental on the Warnow, you can explore the diverse waterways of Rostock and enjoy the peace and beauty of the river. Our kayaks are safe, comfortable, and ready for your next adventure.
Our location in Rostock Papendorf, right on the banks of the Warnow, is not only easily accessible but also provides the perfect backdrop for your SUP or kayak adventure. We are proud to offer a wide range of SUP boards and kayaks and to equip you with the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure that your paddling experience is unforgettable.
Discover the Warnow on a SUP board or in a kayak and experience moments of peace and relaxation, coupled with the adventure of paddling. Our Stand up Paddle and Kayak Rental in Rostock Papendorf not only offers you the opportunity to actively explore the landscape but also to create unique memories that you won’t soon forget.
Are you ready for an adventure on the Warnow? Then visit us at the Stand up Paddle and Kayak Rental Rostock Papendorf and start your water experience. We guarantee you an unforgettable adventure, whether on a SUP board or in a kayak. Come by and let yourself be enchanted by the nature, the water, and the picturesque beauty of the Warnow and Rostock. We look forward to seeing you!

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