Starting point: our location on Mühlenkampkanal is the perfect starting point for your tour. Make sure you have checked your equipment and are well-prepared.


From our location, you paddle east towards the Alsterbecken. Enjoy the calm waters of the canal and be impressed by the picturesque surroundings. After about a kilometer, you reach the Alsterbecken. Turn right and follow the flow of the river. Admire the impressive villas and parks along the shore as you continue your way. Paddle further on the Alsterbecken and keep an eye out for the distinctive Feenteich (Fairy Pond) on the left side. It’s a popular photo spot and a beautiful place to take a short break and enjoy the surroundings.


After passing the Feenteich, you reach the Eilbek Canal. Turn left and follow the canal. Here, you can enjoy the calm waters and the green surroundings. Continue paddling on the Eilbek Canal until you return to Mühlenkampkanal. Turn left again and follow the canal back to our location. After about a kilometer, you will reach our starting point again, where you will end your tour.