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Moin! At our place, you can rent really cool Stand Up Paddle Boards right on the central banks of the Alster in beautiful Hamburg-Winterhude. A day on the breathtaking Alster surrounded by lush greenery and right in the middle of the city is simply awesome! Stand Up Paddling is a super fun activity best enjoyed with friends or family. Our top-equipped SUPs are suitable for both beginners and advanced paddlers. From our station, you can explore the beautiful Outer Alster and the numerous idyllic Alster canals like the Mühlenkampkanal or the Goldbekkanal. Unique views and experiences are guaranteed! Moreover, our station is located right at the starting point between the Outer Alster, the Alster canals, and the Stadtparksee. After the tour, you can relax and browse through the countless cafes, restaurants, and bars in Mühlenkamp. Or how about a delicious coffee right at Café Canale, which you conveniently ordered from the board? With our HEIUKI SUP vending machine, you have convenient access to our Stand Up Paddle Boards daily during daylight hours. So, what are you waiting for? Experience Hamburg in a special way – an absolute must-do!

Paddle Tip 1: Duration: 1.5 hrs Distance: 3 km

Starting Point: Our location at Mühlenkampkanal is the perfect starting point for your tour. Make sure you’ve checked your equipment and are well-prepared. From our location, paddle east towards the Alster basin. Enjoy the calm waters of the canal and be impressed by the picturesque surroundings. After about a kilometer, you’ll reach the Alster basin. Turn right and follow the river. Admire the impressive villas and parks along the shore as you continue your way. Keep paddling on the Alster basin and look out for the distinctive Feenteich (Fairy Pond) on the left side. It’s a popular photo spot and a beautiful place to take a short break and enjoy the surroundings. After passing the Feenteich, you’ll reach the Eilbek canal. Turn left and follow the canal. Here, you can enjoy the calm waters and green surroundings. Continue paddling on the Eilbek canal until you return to the Mühlenkampkanal. Turn left again and follow the canal back to our location. After about a kilometer, you’ll reach our starting point where you’ll end your tour.

Paddle Tip 2: Duration: 3-4 hrs Distance: 8 km

Start your tour at our location at Mühlenkampkanal. Check your equipment, make sure you have enough water and snacks, and get ready for your paddling adventure. From our location, paddle east and follow the course of the Mühlenkampkanal. Enjoy the calm waters and admire the beautiful surroundings. After about 2 km, you’ll reach the Goldbekkanal. Turn right and follow the canal southwards. The Goldbekkanal is wider than the Mühlenkampkanal and offers a pleasant paddling experience. Paddle about 3 km down the Goldbekkanal, passing through the Stadtpark (City Park). Enjoy the green surroundings and the view of the park landscape. After passing the Stadtpark, you’ll reach the Osterbekkanal. Turn left and continue paddling eastwards on the Osterbekkanal. Follow the Osterbekkanal for about 2 km, enjoying the calm waters and green surroundings. Then, you’ll reach the Mühlenteich (Mill Pond). This small lake is an ideal place to take a short break, enjoy nature, and refresh yourself. After passing the Mühlenteich, paddle back westward along the Mühlenkampkanal. Follow the canal for about 1 km until you reach our starting point again.





Station Guide

Hans-Henny-Jahnnweg 27, Hamburg, Deutschland

Henny's Restaurant

sufficiently available

Open daily during daylight hours from May to October


Welcome to Stand up Paddle Rental Hamburg Mühlenkamp, your ideal starting point for an unforgettable paddle adventure on the picturesque Außenalster in the heart of Hamburg. Our location in Mühlenkamp provides the perfect backdrop for your next SUP experience, whether you’re an experienced paddler or stepping onto a board for the first time. Stand up Paddle Rental Hamburg and specifically our location at Mühlenkamp invite you to discover the unique atmosphere and breathtaking beauty of the Außenalster.

Stand up Paddle Rental Hamburg Mühlenkamp

Stand up Paddle Rental Hamburg Mühlenkamp not only offers you the opportunity to explore the clear and calm waters of the Außenalster but also to experience the dynamic city of Hamburg from a new perspective. With a selection of high-quality SUP boards suitable for all skill levels, you can explore the idyllic waterways of the Außenalster and enjoy the unique landscape and tranquility.

Stand Up Paddle Rental Hamburg

Hamburg, known for its impressive architecture, rich culture, and vibrant water sports community, offers ideal conditions for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Our Stand Up Paddle Rental in Hamburg allows you to experience the dynamic city and its surroundings from the water. Paddle along the banks of the Außenalster and discover Hamburg’s parks, historic landmarks, and vibrant art scene from a completely new perspective.

Stand up Paddle Rental Außenalster

The Außenalster, a gem in Hamburg’s landscape and a highlight for every visitor to the city, offers perfect conditions for Stand Up Paddling. With our Stand up Paddle Rental at the Außenalster, you can immerse yourself in the clear water of the lake and enjoy the picturesque shoreline and tranquil nature. The lake offers ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced paddlers to discover the joys of SUP while exploring the scenic surroundings.
Our location at Mühlenkamp in Hamburg is easy to reach and provides direct access to the Außenalster. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of SUP boards and necessary equipment to ensure that your paddling experience is as enjoyable and safe as possible.
Discover the Außenalster on a SUP board and experience moments of peace and relaxation, paired with the adventure of paddling. Our Stand up Paddle Rental in Hamburg Mühlenkamp not only offers you the opportunity to actively explore the landscape but also to create unique memories that you won’t soon forget.
Are you ready for an adventure on the Außenalster? Then visit us at Stand up Paddle Rental Hamburg Mühlenkamp and start your water experience. We guarantee you an unforgettable adventure, whether on a SUP board or in a kayak. Come by and let yourself be enchanted by nature, water, and the picturesque beauty of the Außenalster in the heart of Hamburg. We look forward to seeing you!

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