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I grabbed a stand up paddle board (SUP) and explored the Mecklenburg Lake District.

I had heard that there are many beautiful lakes on which you can paddle wonderfully. So I was eager to try it out.

When I arrived in Zechlin, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape. Endless forests and sparkling lakes stretched out before me. I couldn’t wait to get on my SUP and start paddling.

I let my board glide on the water and paddled off. The sun shone warmly on my face and I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that surrounded me. I paddled through a narrow channel and along pristine bays, past quaint boathouses and small islands.

Suddenly I noticed movement in the water. I looked closer and saw fish jumping out of the water.

I paddled through the beautiful landscape of the Mecklenburg Lake District and enjoyed every moment. I knew that I would never forget this day.

The proposed paddle tour starts in Rheinsberg Zechlin at the beautiful Zechliner Lake, offering you a unique opportunity to explore the lake. Start at the shore in Rheinsberg Zechlin and paddle in a southern direction along the coast. Enjoy the picturesque landscape and peaceful atmosphere of the lake. Follow the shoreline for about 1 km while admiring the surrounding nature. Along your way, you can discover small islands and hidden coves that invite you to linger. After approximately 1 km, you will reach a distinctive point that provides a magnificent view of the surrounding forests and the lake. Take this opportunity to take a short break and savor the idyllic scenery. Afterwards, paddle back to Rheinsberg Zechlin by retracing the same route you came from. The total distance of the tour is approximately 2 km. Throughout the entire tour, it is important to prioritize safety. Please pay attention to other water sports enthusiasts and possible obstacles in the water.








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