Stand Up Paddle Rental in Berlin Köpenick, Werder/Havel


Private locker

Bookable via mobile phone

Contactless processing

High-quality equipment


Incl. paddle and drybag

Our Stand Up Paddle (SUP) rental in Werder on the Havel, located at Adolf-Damaschke-Straße 56-58, offers you the perfect opportunity to discover the breathtaking water landscape of Brandenburg. Nestled in idyllic nature, our rental provides direct access to the crystal-clear waters of the Havel and its picturesque tributaries. Our high-quality and stable SUP boards are ideal for paddlers of all experience levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. From leisurely gliding through the calm waters to adventurous exploration tours along the flourishing riverbanks, Werder provides the perfect backdrop for every SUP adventure. Discover hidden coves, observe the diverse aquatic fauna, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that only paddling amidst untouched nature can offer. Our SUP rental in Werder is not just a starting point for your water explorations, but also an invitation to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Havel from a whole new perspective. Come by and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of watersports in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany.

Paddletip 1: Duration: 2-3 hours Distance: 5-6 km – Grand Inselwerder Round Tour

Your paddling tour begins on the shore opposite Inselwerder Island, from where you embark on a comprehensive exploration of this beautiful island and its surrounding waters. This tour combines the tranquility of secluded waterways with the breathtaking beauty of nature, providing insights into the unique flora and fauna of the region. Paddle at a leisurely pace and let the current of the Havel guide you as you circumnavigate the island. You’ll be accompanied by lush green shores, hidden coves, and a variety of waterfowl. Keep an eye out for the characteristic willows and poplars lining the banks and enjoy the peaceful silence only interrupted by the gentle splashing of your paddle. Along the way, stop at one of the many idyllic spots on the shore for a rest or a picnic. Take the opportunity to stretch your legs, capture the landscape on camera, or simply savor the tranquility and the view of the water. The round tour of Inselwerder is a perfect opportunity to leave the everyday behind and immerse yourself in nature. This route is ideal for paddlers of all experience levels – from beginners seeking safe waters to practice in, to experienced SUPers looking to explore the picturesque landscape around Berlin.

Paddletip 2: Duration: 3 hours Distance: 8 km – Werder (Havel) to Nattwerder

This diverse SUP tour starts on the banks of the Havel near Adolf-Damaschke-Straße. Begin by paddling along the picturesque shores of Werder, where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city from the water. As you move away from the urban environment, the landscape opens up to the expansive waters of the Havel. Follow the river southward, passing through blooming orchards and under the majestic blossoms of cherry and apple trees, which offer a true spectacle in spring. The tour takes you through calm waters, ideal for paddlers seeking the tranquility and beauty of nature. Your destination, Nattwerder, is known for its peaceful and idyllic atmosphere. This small island in the Havel offers the perfect place for a rest. Explore the natural shoreline, enjoy the silence, or take the time for a picnic before heading back or further exploring the beauties of the Havel.





Station Guide

Adolf-Damaschke-Straße 56-58, 14542 Werder (Havel), Germany

Self-sufficiency recommended

Limited parking available

Open daily from May to October during daylight hours.


Welcome to the Stand Up Paddle and Kayak Rental Berlin Havel, your gateway to unique water adventures right in the heart of the vibrant capital, on the picturesque banks of the Havel. Our location in Berlin, specifically on the Havel, offers the perfect blend of urban flair and natural experience. Whether you’re an experienced water sports enthusiast or picking up a paddle or oar for the first time, our Stand Up Paddle Rental Berlin and Kayak Rental Berlin invite you to discover the city from an entirely new perspective.

Stand Up Paddle Rental Berlin Havel

Our Stand Up Paddle Rental Berlin Havel offers you the opportunity to explore the calm waters of the Havel. With a wide selection of high-quality SUP boards suitable for every skill level, you can take to the water and enjoy the spectacular views of Berlin’s waterfront landscapes. The Havel, known for its gentle currents and clear waters, provides the perfect backdrop for both novice and experienced paddlers alike.

Stand Up Paddle Rental Berlin

Berlin, a city surrounded by water, offers countless opportunities for stand-up paddling. Our Stand Up Paddle Rental Berlin allows you to experience the city’s unique waterways. From gliding through tranquil canals to paddling on the open Havel, Berlin offers a fascinating variety of SUP experiences that you can start right from our location.

Stand Up Paddle Rental Havel

The Havel, with its expansive water surfaces and picturesque banks, is a paradise for paddlers. With our Stand Up Paddle Rental Havel, you can explore this idyllic waterway, paddle along historic sights, and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. The Havel offers both calm sections for relaxed paddling and areas that present a small challenge – perfect for adventurous spirits.

Kayak Rental Berlin Havel

In addition to SUP boards, we also offer kayaks for exploring the Havel. Our Kayak Rental Berlin Havel is your ticket to extensive kayak tours on one of Berlin’s most beautiful waterways. Whether alone or in a group, in a kayak, you can experience the Havel and its surroundings from an entirely new perspective while also keeping fit.

Kayak Rental Berlin

Experiencing Berlin from a kayak offers a unique way to discover the city’s urban and natural landmarks. Our Kayak Rental Berlin gives you the freedom to explore Berlin’s numerous rivers, canals, and lakes on your own. Whether paddling along the banks of the Havel or venturing into the city’s inner waterways, kayaking in Berlin is an unforgettable experience.

Kayak Rental Havel

The Havel is not only ideal for SUP boards but also for kayaks. With our Kayak Rental Havel, you can immerse yourself in the tranquil world of water, paddle past green banks, and glide under historic bridges. Kayaking on the Havel offers both relaxation and the opportunity to discover Berlin and its surroundings from an entirely new perspective.

Our location in Berlin Havel is easily accessible and offers everything you need for an unforgettable water adventure. We are proud to offer a wide range of SUP boards and kayaks as well as the necessary equipment to ensure that your experience on the Havel is as enjoyable and safe as possible. Our experienced staff are here to provide you with advice and assistance, ensuring you have the best routes and tips for your adventure.

Discover the Havel, Berlin, and the freedom on the water with our Stand Up Paddle and Kayak Rental. We invite you to become part of the growing community of water sports enthusiasts and experience the city from an entirely new perspective. Come by and start your adventure on the Havel – we look forward to seeing you!

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