Stand Up Paddle and Kayak Rental VCBC Neue Donau


Private locker

Bookable via mobile phone

Contactless processing

High-quality equipment


Incl. paddle and drybag

Enjoy the ultimate beach feeling in Vienna; the Neue Donau offers you a variety of water activities! Whether you want to paddle relaxed rounds on a stand-up paddleboard or embark on an adventurous exploration tour in a kayak, HEIUKI at the Neue Donau has all this and much more waiting for you. It’s also a perfect location for parties with friends and corporate events.

Paddling Tip: Duration: 2 hrs. Distance: 1.5 km

A leisurely Stand Up Paddle trip, from our location to the U1 bridge and back, can comfortably be done in 2 hours.





Station Guide

Am Kaisermühlendamm 106, 1220 Wien

Vienna City Beach Club

U1 Station Donauinsel / U2 Station Donaustadtbrücke

Open daily during daylight hours from May to October


Are you ready to discover Vienna and its stunning Neue Donau in a whole new way? At HEIUKI, your expert for water sports fun, you’ll find the ultimate Stand Up Paddle rental in Vienna right at the bustling spot VCBC Neue Donau. Whether you want to enjoy the tranquility of the water alone or seek an unforgettable adventure with friends, we have just the right offer for you.

Stand Up Paddle Rental VCBC Neue Donau Vienna

Your adventure starts here, where the city meets nature. Step onto a SUP board and experience the freedom that only the expanse of the Neue Donau can offer. Whether it’s your first time on a board or you’re already a paddle pro, our Stand Up Paddle rental in Vienna provides you with the perfect equipment for your water experience. Located right at the vibrant spot VCBC, our SUP rental is the ideal starting point for your exploration tour on the Neue Donau. Enjoy Vienna’s unique skyline from the water and find your own personal rhythm among the waves.

Stand Up Paddle Rental in Vienna

Experience Vienna from a new perspective? Our Stand Up Paddle rental in Vienna takes you there. Explore the idyllic shores of the Neue Donau and discover hidden spots not visible from land. A Stand Up Paddle adventure in Vienna is the perfect opportunity to escape the everyday and see the city in all its glory.

Stand Up Paddle Rental Neue Donau

The Neue Donau is not only a paradise for water sports enthusiasts but also the perfect place to relax and unwind. With our SUP rental, you can explore this unique spot in Vienna on the water. Glide over the shimmering surface and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you.

Kayak Rental VCBC Neue Donau Vienna

Looking for a more intense water sports experience? Then our kayak rental at VCBC is the ideal place for you. Paddle through the calm waters of the Neue Donau and enjoy nature up close. Our kayaks are suitable for both solo adventurers and paddle duos. Located at the bustling VCBC spot, our kayak rental offers everything you need for your next water adventure. Discover the beauty of the Neue Donau from the kayak perspective and experience a whole new side of Vienna from the water.

Kayak Rental Vienna

Vienna and water, a combination worth discovering. Our kayak rental in Vienna allows you a unique exploration along the Neue Donau. Immerse yourself in nature as you explore Vienna’s shores from a kayak—an unforgettable experience.

Kayak Rental Neue Donau

The Neue Donau is the ideal place for your kayak adventure in Vienna. With our kayak rental, you can explore this wonderful water world at your own pace. The flowing waters of the Neue Donau provide the perfect backdrop for a day full of fun and relaxation on the water.

At HEIUKI, we take the liberty to explore the water in new and exciting ways. Our Stand Up Paddle and kayak rental at VCBC Neue Donau Vienna is your gateway to unforgettable water sports experiences. With high-quality equipment, flexible booking options, and the stunning backdrop of the Vienna skyline, we offer everything you need for your next adventure on the Neue Donau. Get on your board or into your kayak and let the beauty of Vienna from the water enchant you.

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