IOT 4.0

Develops smart rental concepts and locking solutions

With the HEIUKI SHARE concepts, a whole new opportunity arises for the leisure & tourism industry as well as for Click & Collect and Share Businesses. With the self-sufficient and automated rental system from Austria, we enable an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable offer. The rental machines are not only an eye-catcher but also easy, intuitive and contactless to operate, which creates a whole new charm at the location of the station.

HEIUKI Share Dynamik

Dynamic & experienced

As part of the Ceel Group, which has been operating since 2013, we have many years of know-how in the leisure and tourism industry, as well as in software development and marketing.

Solution oriented & Flexible

Our modular software and hardware enable the right solution for every problem.

HEIUKI Ausgeglichen und auf Augenhöhe

At eye level

We want to grow together with our partners. In order to write a joint success story, the word “YOU” and cooperation at eye level are common practice for us.

HEIUKI integrierbar

Can be integrated into existing software

Our processing and transfer software can be integrated with existing software (ERP, ticket store, e-commerce) via API interface.

HEIUKI Prozessoptimierung

Process optimization

We help companies to create a new and personnel-free offer with our self-sufficient vending solution, to optimize it and to reduce costs.

HEIUKI Kostensenkung

No staff & running costs

The self-sufficient operation of the vending machines and the automated rental processing enable a new and personnel-free offer.