Stand Up Paddling & Kayak rental Hermannswerder, Hoffbauer Foundation

Stand-Up-Paddling or canoeing is a must if you stay in Potsdam.


Our HEIUKI SUP & KAYAK Automat on Hermannswerder Island in cooperation with the Hoffbauer Foundation Potsdam, is located on a green island oasis. The location is ideal for reaching it by public transport or by bike via the lakeside path. The best way to cross the Havel from Potsdam West is to take the cable ferry on the Kiewitt.


You will quickly be impressed by the island, the historic buildings and the great riverside path. In about two hours you can circumnavigate the island by SUP or canoe and marvel at the size of Lake Templin.


Especially in the morning hours, the tranquillity on the water is wonderful. To the north-east of the island, you can enjoy a great view of the Speicherstadt, the Nikolaikirche and the Potsdam City Palace.

To do a lap around the Obere Planitz, you start your tour to the left through the Judengraben, you now ride along the Havel, namely the Vorderkappe area. Your gaze is first greeted by the Speicherstadt, and after a few metres you also catch a glimpse of the Stadtschloss and the Nikolaikirche. You cross the fairway to a small island called Obere Planitz, which is quickly circumnavigated. Depending on how quickly you make your round, there is enough time for some rest and relaxation on the water.

On the big island tour you start on the left through the idyllic Judengraben, on the other side you have a direct view of the Speicherstadt, later also of the Nikolaikirche and the Stadtschloss. You are now crossing the waterway, so be careful here and pay attention to other road users. The next two islands await you on the opposite bank of the Havel. You will now round the Upper and Lower Planitz and pass through the Havel Bay of Potsdam. You return to the Havel and next come to the cable ferry on the Kiewitt. Watch out! – The ferry has right of way. Continue along the shore on the island side and soon you will be looking at Lake Templin, you will pass the Potsdam marina and soon you will see the Olympia Sportpark Luftschiffhafen on the other side of the shore.








Station Guide

Hermannswerder 23, 14473 Potsdam

Hermanns Mensa

daily at sunlight

Public parking spaces distributed on the island

The Automat is located to the left of the Hermanns Mensa.